Rules and Regulations


No mail is allowed to de delivered at the campground.  You must get a PO BOX.  You are responsible for deliveries.

    1. Self-contained units only. No tents or pop ups.
    2. All guests must register.  All vehicles, campers or aditional trailers must be registered before using overflow parking.
    3. A maximum of five (5) persons are allowed to occupy a site. 
    4. A maximum of two vehicles, in addition to the unit, are allowed on each site.
    5. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the street rights-of-way.
    6. No vehicles may be repaired on a site. No oil changing.
    7. No sheds, buildings or structures allowed unless approved by management. No large rugs in grass on weekly or monthly stays.
    8. The campground speed limit is ten (10) miles per hour.
    9. Quiet time shall be from 10:00pm to 6:00am.  No nuisance, noxious or offensive behavior is allowed.
    10. There shall be no vendor activity conducted on any site.
    11. RV sites cannot be sublet.
    12. If you have MULTIPLE DOGS you are required to call the office prior to registering. Dogs must be accompanied and leashed when outdoors. Aggressive or barking dogs will not be tolerated.
    13. Pets must be walked in the designated pet area and all animal waste must be cleaned up in plastic bags and deposited in the dumpster or pet stations. Dogs are not allowed to go to the bathroom at your site, this kills the sod. Outside spots go behind your camper in the field. Do not walk in other campers backyard on outer sites.
    14. Sewer connections must be made using a secure, leak proof adapter.
    15. Household garbage must be deposited in the dumpsters. No construction scraps, wood, electrical scraps. See management for proper disposal.
    16. Management reserves the right to refuse or cancel service.
    17. Campers over 10 years must call campground before making reservations. We have the right to refuse service based on the condition of the Rig.
    18. Radios/TV’s and other electronic equipment volume must be as not to disturb neighbors.
    19. No generators allowed.
    20. NOTHING!! Will be built on the campsite. All unauthorized structures will be removed without notice.
    21. All water hoses must have heat tape during the winter to keep them from freezing.
    22. Swimming or wading pools are prohibited.
    23. If you have an emergency while in the park, call 911 and give your site number.
    24. If you have any after- hours utility problems, call campground management. DO NOT WORK on it yourself.
    25. No display of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages must be in a cup when outside.
    26. Campers are responsible for their guests the entire time they are in the park.
    27. No outside additions to campers. This includes any decks, porches or patios. Canopy tents/umbrellas are allowed but must be taken down on a daily basis after use.  Campsites must be kept free of clutter. No storage is allowed under the unit.
    28. Pet pens, dog houses and clothes lines/racks are prohibited. No fire rings on camp sites.
    29. No fireworks, firearms, BB guns, sling shots or other weapons may be displayed in the park.
    30. ATV’s, dirt bikes, go carts and golf carts are not allowed to be driven on any campground or adjoining properties.
    31. No grilling or hot stoves allowed on picnic tables
    32. Do not drive over/on the concrete patio.
    33. No parking on grass or unoccupied sites. Park in designated area “only”.
    34. Our sites are angled to make parking easy. Under no circumstances are campers allowed to back into an angled camp site from the wrong direction. If you turn in the wrong direction, go back to the intersection and turn around. Plan ahead.
    35. Any damage incurred to any campground facilities will be charged to the responsible camper’s credit card.
    36. No children under 16 years old left unattended or unsupervised.
    37. The water pressure in the park may flucuate depending on the usage along the main city water line.  Newer RV’s are pressure tested at the factory for 80-100 psi.  We do recommend that you attach a pressure reduction regulator to your water hose or camper – especially older RVs. They are readily available at Walmart, etc. We will not be responsible for any broken water pipes.
    38. Campers must remove their water hoses when the temperature drops below freezing. Failure to unhook hoses will cause the spigot to freeze resulting in damage to the water hookups. Campers who fail to unhook their water hoses during freezing weather will be financially responsible for any damages that occur to the campground water hookups 
    39. Owners and/or management assume no responsibility for accidents/theft/fire/acts of nature or injuries to clientele & guests.    Also not responsible for contents in the rented storage buildings.  You are responsible for a lock on the building if you want one.
    40.  We reserve the right to evict any person(s) without refund for detrimental conduct or refusing to pay bills.  If payment is late we reserve the right to charge your card for past payment unless other arrangements have been made with management.
Campground Phone 828-302-5090